Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tribute To Dick Clark's American Bandstand

My Tribute to The Man,Dick Clark,American Bandstand was on for Years with the Best Music of all time,Not to many people know there was American Bandstand in the afternoons and the Saturday one Sponsored by Beech-Nut,The IFIC Button shown was from that show,FLAVOR-IFIC BEECH-NUT GUM (see last post of FABIAN on Youtube),Dick Clark had Pendants and cuff links and pins with the logo of American Bandstand too,Heres my LP Records that i got Dick Clark to Autograph for me,DaveK


  1. mr clark will truly b missed new yr. event b the same without him may god comfert his familey.margaret j.

  2. yep,one of the goods guys,,,,davek