Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ALF Cast and Crew Jacket 1986

ALF TV Show Cast and Crew Jacket from around 1986,Cotton Military style Jacket with Embroidered ALF LOGO on the Front,ALF is ALIEN LIFE FORM,,,The Show Created by Puppeteer Paul Fusco,There was a Charature named Gordon Shumway that always got in Trouble because of ALF,Very Funny Stuff,DaveK

ALF Cast and Crew Polo Shirt 1986

ALF TV Show Cast and Crew Polo Shirt from around 1986,Blue and White long sleeve Polo Shirt,Embroidered on the front with ALF LOGO,Custom Made Polo Shirt for the Crew,Polo Short Made By HEAVY WEATHER by OUTER BANKS,ALF IS ALIEN LIFE FORM,,,Created by Puppeteer Paul Fusco,One of the Great 1980s TV shows that Everybody stayed home to Watch just to see ALF,I always Liked Puppets,Some Scary,some Fun,This was FUN,DaveK

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SOAP TV Show Crew Jacket 1979

SOAP TV Show Crew Jacket 1979,Custom SOAP Patch sewn on the back of the Jacket,Stitched Name on front named JAY with WITT,THOMAS,HARRIS PRODUCTIONS Stitched on front,Satin Lining,Made by Calderon of California,This Crew Jacket was from Director Jay Sandrich,In the 1970s SOAP was a Hit on TV,Remember Billy Crystal,Katherine Helmond and then theres Richard Mulligan,,,,ZIP ,,,VANISH,,,You DONT SEE ME ANYMORE,,,ALIENS,,,That Was Funny Stuff,,,,Richard had an office on Sunset Blvd near Cresent Heights,,, Its still there,,,,Look for the GIANT Dairy Cow ON THE ROOF,,HA HA,,,DaveK

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tribute To Dick Clark's American Bandstand

My Tribute to The Man,Dick Clark,American Bandstand was on for Years with the Best Music of all time,Not to many people know there was American Bandstand in the afternoons and the Saturday one Sponsored by Beech-Nut,The IFIC Button shown was from that show,FLAVOR-IFIC BEECH-NUT GUM (see last post of FABIAN on Youtube),Dick Clark had Pendants and cuff links and pins with the logo of American Bandstand too,Heres my LP Records that i got Dick Clark to Autograph for me,DaveK

Bandstand Sponcered by BEECH-NUT 1950s

American Bandstand Saturday show sponsored by BEECH-NUT Gum,Here is The Great Fabian Forte,LOOK at The Audience,,, Everybody is wearing a IFIC BUTTON,The Slogan FLAVOR-IFIC,,,There was American Bandstand that Aired in The Afternoon and the Sponsored Beech-Nut Program on Saturdays,

Monday, May 18, 2009

Michael J. Fox at Emmys 1987

Michael J.Fox at Emmys 1987,,Photos By DaveK,,,Thats Me,,,DaveK

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Family Ties Crew Jacket 1980s

Family Ties Crew Jacket 1980s,Dark Blue Satin Jacket,Embroidered on the Back FAMILY TIES,Embroidered on the Front UBU Productions and M.B.B.initials on the front,Could this Be Meredith Baxter Birney??? ,I think so too,,,,Made By Gary Mandel ,Beverly Hills,, This Show was Popular in the 1980s with Michael J.Fox,I always Liked Justine Bateman,She was Beautiful, saw her at the EMMY Awards in 1988 at the Pasidina Civic in a Gold Tight Dress, if i could find the photos,ill Post them,i photographed Michael J Fox too at the EMMY Awards back then,DaveK

Friday, May 15, 2009

MY Tribute for Farrah Fawcett from DaveK

MY Tribute for Farrah Fawcett from DaveK,,Met Farrah several times in the 80s and 90s,photographed her and Ryan at the Golden Globes in 1987 at the Beverly Hilton hotel,heres the photos i shot 22 years ago,I did photograph Farrah with her friends at the Hilton Hotel at a after party there also in 1993,She was so Kind to Thank Me in a Note she sent me,Heres the Note,,,I wish all the Best For Farrah and her Family,DaveK

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

B.J. and The Bear Crew Jacket 1979

B.J. and The Bear Crew Jacket 1979,Windbreaker type Jacket ,Embroidered on the Back B.J.& the Bear with The Big Rig Truck,Name on the front, Made By Aristo Jac by Hilton,Greg Evigan starred in this Smokey and the Bandit Type TV show, with a Chimpanzee as the Co star,Oh Judy Landers was in the show Too,I Photographed Greg in the 1980s and early 90s in Beverly Hills at Red Carpet Events,hes very Down to Earth as an Actor,I wonder if he even still has his jacket that the cast and crew got,

Friday, May 8, 2009

Max Headroom Crew Jacket 1980s

Max Headroom Crew Jacket,1980s Cotton Jacket,Embroidered on the back with Logo,MAX HEADROOM,20 MINUTES INTO THE FUTURE,Lorimar,,,With Name on the front, made by Fancy Stitch,This is a Classic 80s TV show,Computers were so New then,DaveK

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B.L. Stryker crew jacket

B.L. Stryker Cast and Crew Jacket from the show,Burt Reynolds always had Crew Jackets Made for his shows he was on,Grey Nylon/satin windbreaker jacket,custom embroidered on the back and "On Location/Palm Beach" with Palm Trees Embroidered Logo on the front,the jacket is like the old Racing Jackets from the early 80s,fully lined with a Embroidered message from Burt on the inside of jacket,"With Love and Luck: Burt Reynolds, Made by Wiseguys of Burbank,Ca,,this is a Jacket you dont see to often,i thought the show was good,ive met Burt afew times in the 1990s at charity funtions and he was always good with the Press and to his Fans,Davek

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thats Incredible Crew Jacket 1970s

Thats Incredible Cast And Crew Jacket from the 1970s, Silver Satin Jacket with Thats Incredible Patch on the back and Alan Landsburg Productions Patch on the front,Made By Mitcom Jackets,The Show had some Amazing People on the Show,in the late 70s the show was very popular on TV,