Tuesday, May 5, 2009

B.L. Stryker crew jacket

B.L. Stryker Cast and Crew Jacket from the show,Burt Reynolds always had Crew Jackets Made for his shows he was on,Grey Nylon/satin windbreaker jacket,custom embroidered on the back and "On Location/Palm Beach" with Palm Trees Embroidered Logo on the front,the jacket is like the old Racing Jackets from the early 80s,fully lined with a Embroidered message from Burt on the inside of jacket,"With Love and Luck: Burt Reynolds, Made by Wiseguys of Burbank,Ca,,this is a Jacket you dont see to often,i thought the show was good,ive met Burt afew times in the 1990s at charity funtions and he was always good with the Press and to his Fans,Davek

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