Sunday, May 24, 2009

SOAP TV Show Crew Jacket 1979

SOAP TV Show Crew Jacket 1979,Custom SOAP Patch sewn on the back of the Jacket,Stitched Name on front named JAY with WITT,THOMAS,HARRIS PRODUCTIONS Stitched on front,Satin Lining,Made by Calderon of California,This Crew Jacket was from Director Jay Sandrich,In the 1970s SOAP was a Hit on TV,Remember Billy Crystal,Katherine Helmond and then theres Richard Mulligan,,,,ZIP ,,,VANISH,,,You DONT SEE ME ANYMORE,,,ALIENS,,,That Was Funny Stuff,,,,Richard had an office on Sunset Blvd near Cresent Heights,,, Its still there,,,,Look for the GIANT Dairy Cow ON THE ROOF,,HA HA,,,DaveK

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