Tuesday, April 28, 2009

DWTS Vintage Season 6 Group Dance Jacket 2007

Dancing With The Stars ON-Camera Jacket from The Vintage Season 6 of 2007 show,from the 10/29/2007 show,,1950s Lettermens Jacket with the Big D stitched on the front,Custom by TM Athletics of Seattle,Not To vintage but it is a TV Show Jacket from a Television show,i got it at a Production wardrobe Resale shop in Burbank,Calif.The Studios sell wardrobe after productions end to recoup some expenses,I Got a Large size and a Small size in my collection,i think it was Derek Hough jacket from the show,I Watch DWTS all the time on ABC Television,its a Great Show,DaveK

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Gong Show 1970s Crew Jacket

The Gong Show Crew Jacket from around 1976,Embroidered on the front with The Gong Show Logo,crew members name,Black Satin Jacket, No tag that i see,Remember Chuck Barris and The Episode with The Knights of the Oingo Boingo from 1976, Remember The Unknown Comic or Gene,Gene The Dancing Machine, Fun Times were had by All,

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Night Court Crew Jacket 1980s

Night Court Cast and Crew Jacket,1980s,Brown SatinJacket,Embroidered on the Back,made by Gary Mandel of Beverly Hills,Night court was very entertaining with alot of Sight Gags,Bull AKA Richard Mall was very Cool, saw him alot in the 1990s in Hollywood,DaveK

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tom Selleck Photo 1985

This is my First Photo i shot of Tom at the Biltmore Hotel in 1985,He was Being Honored that Night,,,DaveK

Magnum P.I. Crew Jacket 1980s

Magnum P.I. Cast and Crew Jacket,1980s,Embroidered on Back with Magnum Logo,Dark Blue Satin Jacket,Made By Wise Guys of Burbank, Embroidered Signature of Tom Selleck ,THANKS,TOM SELLECK,,,,Very Rare Crew Jacket,the First time i saw Tom and Photographed him was in 1985 at a function at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles,saw him many more times afterwords at Award Shows and Movie Premiers in Hollywood,DaveK

Monday, April 20, 2009

Days of Our Lives Silver Anniversary Jacket 1990

Days of Our Lives Silver Anniversary 1965-1990 Cast and Crew Jacket,BIG Logo Patch on front,Dark Gray Wool Jacket,Leather Sleeves,Made By Wise Guys of Burbank, Calif.,,Embroidered in the Lining is a Message from the Producer of the show,Ken Corday,,,,,,,"With Thanks and Appreciation!,Ken Corday" this Jacket was a Gift to the People that worked so hard on the Soap Opera TV Show,,,1990 Silver Anniversary Jacket,,I used to go to the Soap Opera awards and the Daytime Emmy awards back in the 1990s to photograph the stars Attending the Event, DaveK

Diff'rent Strokes cast and crew jacket 1980s

Diff'rent Strokes Cast and Crew Jacket from the early 1980s,Embroidered on back,satin Jacket,Made By The Cloth Tattoo, Whats your talking bout Willis,,Ha Ha,Gary Coleman still Cracks me up,,,This Jacket might be Dana Plato's as it has a blue Pen mark on the tag with DAN (A and P) put together and its a small size too,i met her at the Hollywood Collectors show afew years back and she was very nice to photographers there,Davek

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cosby Show Cast and Crew Jacket 1980s

The Cosby Show Cast And Crew Vintage Jacket,Silk Windbreaker Type Jacket with Red Leather sleeves,Embroidered Logo on Front,Made By SICHEL of Studio City, Calif.Bill Cosbys Show was the Tops around 1986,,,,All the Paparazzis were after Lisa Bonet at the time,how Times change,,,Davek

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Dynasty Crew Jacket

Dynasty Cast And Crew Jacket,vintage 80s silver jacket,Made by Bowler's Shirt and Uniform,They only made 23 of these jackets for the crew,this is 23 out of 23 jackets, I use to see Linda Evens around Beverly Hills in the late 80s,heres a photo i shot at The EMMY Awards around 1987-88 ,The Whole Cast Was The "A" List of that time,Davek

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Michael Landon Photos 1985

Michael Landon photos I shot back in 1985 in Los Angeles,Calif at the Variety club of Calif,Photos By David Keeler,Davek

Highway to Heaven Crew Jacket

Highway to Heaven cast and crew jacket,early 80s, Michael Landon Productions, embroidered on the back and ML logo on the front,satin jacket ,made by Hartwell, Michael used to film all over studio city, universal city and north hollywood,i saw them filming one night in 1985 around lankershim blvd,,Michael and Victor French were always nice to there fans that came around the set,

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hart to Hart Cast and Crew Jacket 1980

Hart to Hart TV show Crew jacket from 1980, embroidered on the Back and name on the front,Red Silk lining, Made By The Cloth Tattoo,I always liked this show with Robert Wagner (RJ) and Stephanie Powers and Lionel Standard,I wanted that NEW RED Mercedes Benz 450 SL converable too,now a classic car,

Riptide TV show Crew Jacket 1984

Riptide TV show jacket from 1984, cream color ,embroidered on back with logo, Made By California jackets, the show starred Perry King,Joe Penny,Thom Bray and Jack Ging, Remember the Big Pink Helicopter with that BIG Smile, it was parked at the Van Nuys Airport for years, it still might be there,This was a great Stephen J. Cannell Production, Stephen had the Biggest shows in the 1980s,
BTW. this jacket has J.P. on the front of it,I think when i bought this jacket afew years ago they said it was Joe Pennys personal jacket too,,,,Ha Ha