Monday, June 29, 2009

T.J Hooker Heather Dances on Youtube

Heather was Cute,,,See What I Mean,Ha Ha,DaveK

T.J. Hooker Crew Jacket 1982

T.J. Hooker Crew Jacket 1982,Blue Satin Jacket,Embroidered on back TJ HOOKER,Jacket made by Empire,This was a very good Cop Show with William Shatner,Heather Locklear,Adrian Zmed and James Darren,,,,,OH Heather was my Favorite "Cute" Star from the 1980s,DaveK

Monday, June 22, 2009

Mickey Mouse Club 1989 Disney Channel Crew Jacket Part 3

Mickey Mouse Club 1989 MMC Disney Channel Crew Jacket,,Black Wool Jacket with Suede Sleeves,Embroidered on the back MMC logo,Small MMC Logo on front, Custom Tag The Disney Channel,,,This was Issued for The Disney Channel Crews from 1989,DaveK

Mickey Mouse Club 1989 MMC Crew Jacket PART 2

Mickey Mouse Club 1989,,,Wool Jacket,Embroidered on back MMC 1989 Logo,,Leather Sleeved,Embroidered name on front,Made by Sichel of Studio City, Calif. This is a Official MMC Crew Jacket for the Show,,This is one of afew Sttyles that The Disney Company Issued for the Crew,DaveK

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Crew Jacket 1989

MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Crew Jacket 1989,Cotton Cream Jacket,Embroidered on Back with MICKEY MOUSE CLUB Logo,MMC Logo and Name on Front,Made By Sichel of Studio City, When i was a Kid I watched the Reruns of The MICKEY MOUSE CLUB in 1962 The ORIGINAL Show from 1955,But this 1989 MMC Show Brought back The Mouse with Alot of Talent on Hand,DaveK

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Days TV show Crew Jacket 1976

Happy Days TV show Crew Jacket 1976,Red Nylon Windbreaker,Silkscreened Velvet HAPPY DAYS LOGO on Back, Blank on Front,Made by Collegiate Pacific Jackets, This is a Studio Issued Crew Jacket for the Workers of Happy Days TV Show,They had a Cast Red Satin Jacket that had a Baseball Logo with HAPPY DAYS on it,heres a Photo of One,Still Need one,Wink,Wink,,,,DaveK

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

L.A. Law cast and Crew Jacket 1980s

L.A.Law cast and Crew Jacket 1980s,REVERSIBLE JACKET,Embroidered on back and inside CALIFORNIA LA LAW THE GOLDEN STATE,SATIN and WOOL JACKET,Made by STARWEARS,This TV show was HUGE in the 1980s,It won all Kinds of Awards,I was there when they Won The Peoples Choice awards for Best TV Drama in the 1980s at Universal Studios Backlot in The PRESS ROOM,Got PHOTOS,,,DaveK

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remington Steele Cast and Crew Jacket 1980s

Remington Steele Cast and Crew Jacket 1980s,Embroidered Stitched Steel Thread on back,REMINGTON STEELE, Red Satin Crew Jacket,Piping,Made by California Jackets,Jacket has a lining with Edelweiss TM,This was one of my favorite shows i used to watch in the 1980s,Pierce Brosnan has always been nice to me when I photographed him at Hollywood Events as a Press Photographer,DaveK

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

One Day at a Time Crew Jacket 1976

One Day at a Time Crew Jacket 1976, Blue Windbreaker Type Jacket,Silkscreened on Back ONE DAY AT A TIME LOGO, The Tag is Off this Jacket,This is a Studio Issued Jacket for the Workers of the Sitcom,They did have other jackets for the Cast too,I saw Bonnie Franklin and Pat Harrington Recently at a Function in Beverly Hills June 1 2009, Heres some Photos that I Shot,,,,BTW I Photographed Pat Harrington's Wedding afew Years Back,Heres the Lovely Couple in Beverly Hills Yesterday June 1st 2009,,DaveK

Hunter cast and crew Jacket 1980s

Hunter cast and crew Jacket 1980s,Very Dark Brown Satin 1980s Jacket(almost Black),Embroidered on back,HUNTER LOGO STEPHEN J. CANNELL PRODUCTIONS,Made by Cloth Tattoo Jackets,Hunter was very Popular in the 1980s,This show was one of the many TOP RATED TV SHOWS Produced by Stephen J Cannell,Ive met Stephen at Red Carpet Functions and Hes one of The Good Guys in Hollywood,He Has Your Back All The Way,DaveK