Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remington Steele Cast and Crew Jacket 1980s

Remington Steele Cast and Crew Jacket 1980s,Embroidered Stitched Steel Thread on back,REMINGTON STEELE, Red Satin Crew Jacket,Piping,Made by California Jackets,Jacket has a lining with Edelweiss TM,This was one of my favorite shows i used to watch in the 1980s,Pierce Brosnan has always been nice to me when I photographed him at Hollywood Events as a Press Photographer,DaveK


  1. i have 1 also but the label inside is made by Gary Mandel...
    you can email me at

  2. gary mandel did satin jackets too,,,,its a official tv show jacket,sometimes they switch companies during the run of the jackets,