Monday, June 22, 2009

Mickey Mouse Club 1989 Disney Channel Crew Jacket Part 3

Mickey Mouse Club 1989 MMC Disney Channel Crew Jacket,,Black Wool Jacket with Suede Sleeves,Embroidered on the back MMC logo,Small MMC Logo on front, Custom Tag The Disney Channel,,,This was Issued for The Disney Channel Crews from 1989,DaveK


  1. all i ever wanted when iw as a kid was one of these jackets from the mickey mouse club. when i was 13 years old i got picked to be on guest day. they gave me a shirt but all i wanted was the jacket in black since i knew i couldnt have the one with colors like the kinds on the show wore. how can i get one like this? my email is

  2. I have a jacket just like the ones they wore on the show in the 80's......women's size small gray wool/red leather sleeves.....will email: