Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Magnum P.I. Crew Jacket 1980s

Magnum P.I. Cast and Crew Jacket,1980s,Embroidered on Back with Magnum Logo,Dark Blue Satin Jacket,Made By Wise Guys of Burbank, Embroidered Signature of Tom Selleck ,THANKS,TOM SELLECK,,,,Very Rare Crew Jacket,the First time i saw Tom and Photographed him was in 1985 at a function at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles,saw him many more times afterwords at Award Shows and Movie Premiers in Hollywood,DaveK


  1. Hi DaveK thank you for this site. I have a Magnum PI jacket and have been wondering about it. It has the Tom Selleck autograph embroidered over and the label is Gary Mandel Beverly Hills.
    It was a gift to me in 86' . I love it but never worn it.

  2. Gary Mandel did crew jackets also and Tom Selleck probobly made a crew jacket for each season of the show,i know he made Belt Buckles from Al Shelton of studio city too as gifts,,,,Davek