Sunday, April 5, 2009

Knight Rider 1985 Crew Jacket Gift from David

Knight Rider Crew jacket from 1985 ,This was a Gift from David Hasselhoff during Christmas of 1985 during the Original TV show Run, Embroidered on back with LED LIGHTS that Light up with a 9 Volt Battery, Made By L.A. MARQUEE Jackets of North Hollywood, Calif. Very Cool, you dont see this Jacket up for Auction to often,well I got one,Ha Ha,,,Enjoy


  1. How much is one of these worth? I have one that I'm interested in selling.

  2. afew hundred bucks i would guess on ebay,,,

  3. Hi, The is a comment regarding a knight rider crew jacket possibly for sale, does anyone know if this is still the case, or does anyone know of one for sale?

    i can give an email details if there is more info

    thanks so much!! Rob

    1. I have one that im selling if ur intrested you can email me.

  4. Theres one up on ebay recently that is a fake or a copy someone is selling as REAL,the price is steep,for a reproduction jacket,not authorized by the show or given by DAVID himself,,,watch out for FAKES,,

  5. Hi Davek , is it a real jacket owned by Jack Gill the one currently auctioned on ebay (the same jacket) by US seller 1yumyumboy?

  6. no ,,,this is another jacket,,,,not on ebay , jack gills jacket is up on ebay, my jacket does not have a name on the front,,,,i got this years ago,,,,,,DAVEK

  7. Made By L.A. MARQUEE Jackets of North Hollywood,this one lights up,,,,dont know if jacks light up,,,,davek

  8. Thanks for your reply! You're great! Awesome collection indeed..
    I'm a sort of movies memorabilia collector,I own the batman Goon )joker's villains) 1989 purple leather jacket as seen on camera, The Baywatch red jacket trunks shirts and sweat pants worn by hasselhoff during the Tv show and the Riggs jacket-Lethal weapon 4 TH leather jacket amongst others...
    Would love to find something from Baywatch earliest seasons..
    So do you assure it's a genuine jacket the one auctioned on ebay I'm referring to?

  9. yes the one on ebay is genuine too,,,i know sichel made many tv show crew jackets, its real also,,,,