Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Baywatch Lifeguard Blue Crew Jacket 1991

Baywatch Lifeguard Blue Crew Jacket 1991,Cotton jacket,patch on front BAYWATCH LIFEGUARD BEACHES AND HARBORS ,LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA,Patch on Sleeves BAYWATCH LIFEGUARD,Embroidered on back BAYWATCH LOGO,,,Jacket made by Sierra Sport,,,They had afew types of jackets thought out the series, this is the Blue w/Logo,Some jackets had the BAYWATCH Patches on the Sleeves too,DaveK


  1. Hello I have one of these jackets and I had Erika Eleniak sign it for me on the chest in silver pen.
    I did not know if it was crew jacket or what, thanks for the information.

  2. I have a xxl sized turquoise-colored one made by Hartwell Viasport. Last week the Hoff signed it for me on the left shoulder.
    Do you know the year of release or further information?
    Best regards

  3. Where is the sierra export Store??....i want a se jacket...Where i can find the sierra export Jackets by email or facebook??....please answer to luis.giacoma@gmail.com Thanks